A story about Groupwise and the spam filtering

Here is an example of when I got up on someone, instead of the normal pattern of me having to eat crow.

When I was running the Southern Oregon University computer lab (I was adjunct prof teaching hardware) the helpdesk people came in to do a training on their Novell Groupwise email client.

The guy doing the training, Mike (an old navy guy, a pal) was yapping on and on about how to check and send mail. Then he started in on how good the spam protection was. (2001ish?) “You really aern’t going to see any spam in our system, every email you get is probably real. Some spam gets through… but not much….”,

Now Mike is doing this by projecting on the wall HIS email account. He is logged in and showing HIS email to the group of incoming work study students.

So of course I change my email clients name and “from” address to something nasty like “Sexy Friends4U” or whatever and send him an email subject “Mike T, you recent subscription to hot horny girls needs to be updated”

Which of course does the thing where it flashes in the lower right of the window when he gets a new email, and therefore he and all the students saw it appear on the projector

He had to back peddle and then go into some stuff about fake emails and address book hacking as to why his name was on it.

I never did tell him… he probably figured it out on his own later. It never came up again.

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