My Stupid Site On the Dumbernet

What is more important. Putting my opinion on the internet or finding a cheap hosting solution and practice on SASS from time to time.

Blag Posts

Accessibility 4 the Win!

So the blog and all the shitty roommate content is moving over to Jekyll. Mostly this is a cost savings exercise. I just don’t update the site enough to justify paying for hosting when free stuff is sitting out there.

Mr $800

He used to be Mr. Tuff.  As clearly no longer deserves that name, he will now go by a series of titles covering the gamut of luxury items we can no longer afford to purchase:

  • Mr. Laptop
  • Mr. iPad
  • Mr. La-Z-Boy
  • Mr. Surround Sound
  • Mr. Winter Vacation
  • Mr. Christmas

Super Bad News!

As I have learned from my father, (who is a great father) I try to be super involved with my kid. I have done my best to emulate what my dad did for me.  Always being around, doing things I don’t want to do because my kid does want to do it.  I am, (I guess we are), statistically speaking, in the lower end of testicle size.

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