Super Bad News!

As I have learned from my father, (who is a great father) I try to be super involved with my kid. I have done my best to emulate what my dad did for me.  Always being around, doing things I don’t want to do because my kid does want to do it.  I am, (I guess we are), statistically speaking, in the lower end of testicle size.

From a biological perspective, life is all about passing on one’s genes, and there are different ways to do that; one way is to invest heavily in a few precious offspring to make sure they survive, while another is to invest a whole lot of time and energy in mating and hope something pans out. Do human males exhibit this tradeoff? To address this question, the Emory researchers turned to testicles.

Yep, you read that right—testicles. Testes size has been linked to reproductive effort in several species; big ones generally mean increased sperm production, which increases the likelihood of mating success. Perhaps men with large testicles would be naturally predisposed to sow their seed rather than stay home with the kids. Guys who are less well-endowed, then, might be more likely to be the nurturing sort.

This is what I read as I am home with my kid after:

  • Adjusting my work schedule to pick her up from school
  • On a day that is especially early so we can get ready for Tae Kwon Do class together because we missed the day prior
  • But only before we read books together for 30 minutes
  • So I can take her to the park and watch her run around for an hour

So because I am around, helping my kid and doing stuff for her and my family instead of “sowing my seed”,  some buttheaded scientists in Atlanta tell me I get to have small nuts too.

Oh well is the only answer I can offer.  I guess I am rather proud of my diminished manhood.

Thanks for that, science.

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