I am 35

I have seen the good and bad side of life:

  • I am educated, but I have made silly mistakes
  • I have saved and lost considerable sums of money
  • I have succeeded at work, and I have failed at my job
  • I have owned a house, and lost it.
  • I have experienced a warm embrace from a friend, I know friends who have been violently attacked
  • I have found and lost love, only to find it once again
  • I have a child, and my world will never be the same.

I am a willful man. Each year older sees me less petulant and more willing to heed advice from my elders. Every birthday I learn more about what truly does and does not matter.

I have seen quite a bit. I have known of war, famine, disaster and sunny days. I have read many books, watched many movies, and listened to many many songs.

I have thought. Long, contemplative hours of thought. I have made strides towards wisdom. Sometimes I fail, other times I succeed.

I see more in every day things and actions and behaviors today than I did yesterday; I will see more still tomorrow.

For all of that, for all of those attempts at growing old as well as growing up. I learned something just now. Something I never knew before.

That bumper sticker that reads “Honk if you are horny” is a pun.

(I wonder when my brain actually stopped working…)

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