Other Dumb Crap

I have done more dumb crap than I am proud of. I have also done more dumb crap than I have remembered to post on this website. Here. Look at this stupid maternity test I created. And this. Barf. See how childish I am?

Suburban Dictionary

Passive Aggressive in a hidden part of the web

How to tell what your (probably white) friend is talking about.

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Wayne The Brain

The dumbest thing I've done

Back when I was young and thought I was funny, my chums and I did some harmless pranks in the feedback box at out school's lunch hall.

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The Church of Buffett, Orthodox

I didn't write this, but I believe it

I don't know where the original site went off to, so I have a copy here for my personal study

COBO Creed

Wyse Guys Computers (Formerly)

No one asks, but I need to jive myself

Hanging onto the past with a iron like grip

Former Version of This Site

Wheels Are Stupid

A special search engine that looks into emotions and logic, not just the internet

Ask it any qustion