Super Bad News!

by MrChrister

As I have learned from my father, (who is a great father) I try to be super involved with my kid. I have done my best to emulate what my dad did for me.  Always being around, doing things I don’t want to do because my kid does want to do it.  I am, (I guess we are), statistically speaking, in the lower end of testicle size.

Look. We have a dirty rodent in our house!

by MrChrister

Oh good.  Nothing like a filthy rabbit in our home to play hacky sack with his little mini turds.

Look at the planter box Grandpa Ducky made for us

by MrChrister

Mom had the idea.  Dad had the car, the tape measure and he knew where Lowes was.  Most importantly, he had a method of payment.

Then we spent a Saturday at Grandpa Duckys (after spending a Friday night there) and Grandpa showed us how to make the plans for the planter window box that Mom wanted.  We then went to the store with Ducky and got all the materials and Ducky spent an entire afternoon showing Dad how to do it.

I am 35

by MrChrister

I have seen the good and bad side of life:

  • I am educated, but I have made silly mistakes
  • I have saved and lost considerable sums of money
  • I have succeeded at work, and I have failed at my job
  • I have owned a house, and lost it.
  • I have experienced a warm embrace from a friend, I know friends who have been violently attacked
  • I have found and lost love, only to find it once again
  • I have a child, and my world will never be the same.

I am a willful man. Each year older sees me less petulant and more willing to heed advice from my elders. Every birthday I learn more about what truly does and does not matter.

I have seen quite a bit. I have known of war, famine, disaster and sunny days. I have read many books, watched many movies, and listened to many many songs.

I have thought. Long, contemplative hours of thought. I have made strides towards wisdom. Sometimes I fail, other times I succeed.

I see more in every day things and actions and behaviors today than I did yesterday; I will see more still tomorrow.

For all of that, for all of those attempts at growing old as well as growing up. I learned something just now. Something I never knew before.

That bumper sticker that reads “Honk if you are horny” is a pun.

(I wonder when my brain actually stopped working…)

The Day My Eye Swelled Shut

by MrChrister

I rubbed my eye in the car on the way to work.  By the time I got there I could barely see.  The eye doctor said it was just an allergy.

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