Accessibility 4 the Win!

So the blog and all the shitty roommate content is moving over to Jekyll. Mostly this is a cost savings exercise. I just don’t update the site enough to justify paying for hosting when free stuff is sitting out there.

So the pages is a pretty good. In addition to being easy to setup on my laptop, it is easy to publish with things I consider, or am learning, is the best way to run a website.

  • Good source control via git
  • Clean HTML via Markup, or taking the time to write it well
  • HTTPS - I may be the devil, but you know who you’re talking to

But I am also taking the time to really focus in on accessibility. Sure, it is good for my job to practice on a simpel site like this one. Lots of lessons to be learned here that will make the daily work job easilier to grasp and understand. But also (and I really like this) accessibility is a civil right. Just the same as a ramp near the stairs or a button to open a door, so to should the stupid Shitty Roommate be available to everybody, equally.

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