Accessibility 4 the Win!

So the blog and all the shitty roommate content is moving over to Jekyll. Mostly this is a cost savings exercise. I just don’t update the site enough to justify paying for hosting when free stuff is sitting out there.

So the pages is a pretty good. In addition to being easy to setup on my laptop, it is easy to publish with things I consider, or am learning, is the best way to run a website.

  • Good source control via git
  • Clean HTML via Markup, or taking the time to write it well
  • HTTPS - I may be the devil, but you know who you’re talking to

But I am also taking the time to really focus in on accessibility. Sure, it is good for my job to practice on a simpel site like this one. Lots of lessons to be learned here that will make the daily work job easilier to grasp and understand. But also (and I really like this) accessibility is a civil right. Just the same as a ramp near the stairs or a button to open a door, so to should the stupid Shitty Roommate be available to everybody, equally.

Support This Page By Ignoring These Ads

We here at the management of dipstick websites LLC have decided to not show ads because apparently this is getting flagged.

I wonder my site and all 100 people per month will drop to an even smaller trickle now that I have cost the great overlords a few pennies?