Wyse Guys Computers is no longer in business

by MrChrister

Wyse Guys Mobile Computer Support of Southern Oregon has gone out of business. We didn’t fail though! Far From it. In fact, thanks to all of our many many loyal customers, quitting such a successful business was a hard decision to make. We loved serving all of you. As things would happen, better opportunities have come along for all of us. Read the Frequently Asked Questions to see what we are up to now. Don’t fret, if we have served you in the past, then you know that we would never leave you hanging for support. There are people you can call, there are websites to visit, and resources to help you out. Best of all, now all the help is all free!

This site is now a partial test bed for internet software. Chris Zwemke was working for a web design firm in Medford, OR. Scarab Media has been serving the Rogue Valley and beyond since 1993, and have hired Chris to program their latest acquisistion, the Pilot Cart e-commerce solution.  After Chris left the company to begin his family in other parts of the state, Scarab Media was purchased by Project A, another local web development group.