Shitty Roommate

A Legacy

monkeytoucher came out of the closet to say:

Stories and situations like this are the reason why every person needs to have a camcorder with a fresh tape and charged batteries nearby at all times.

Excellent story. Any chance of a text or HTML version to send out to people who aren’t on the forums? Or would you rather keep it local?

Thanks again for the good read.

I don’t want to bother typing it up in HTML, but anyone else is welcome to do so. As for this going outside the forums, leave the name “martin random” attached so I can google it in six months and see where it has gone. I don’t think Jed or associates will harm me if it gets back to them somehow.

Pugs Malone came out of the closet to say:

In a post on page 6 (assuming that you have the default 40 posts per page), Martin Random talks about throwing stuff to see if anyone was there, and says he got the idea from his strategy in Doom 3.

Well, I’ve never played counterstrike either… Really, I made the counterstrike comparison to best convey the way I went about clearing the apartment, and I made the Doom 3 description to give an idea of what kind of flailing sissy I am when it comes to going into dark rooms.

I really regret rushing the last part of the story. Though the whole second encounter was rushed so I didn’t get to stop and examine things in their horrific detail, I do remember a few things now that I forgot to put in my post. Like, for instance, the very air in Jed’s room was absolutely thick with mold and smoke, which I couldn’t smell from the vix, but it still stung my eyes anyway. He had smeared all kinds of crazy gibberish on the walls with what looked like red lipstick, and the walls themselves were absolutely covered in growth. The barricades in the hallway must’ve been there for a while, because they essentially kept a lot of moisture in the air in Jed’s back section. Everything in that apartment had to be destroyed because everything was growing stuff on it. The couches, the pluto doll, everything had these patches of disgusting mold growing on them. I remember seeing the pluto doll afterwards in the sunlight; pluto is a cartoon character which is bright canary yellow… well after pluto’s tenure in Jed’s apartment, there were massive patches of discoloration. He looked like Zombie pluto.

Also, I forgot to mention this as well, but as I was running like a sissy through Jed’s room, I knocked into his mattress which he had leaned against the side door a few weeks prior (my estimate). The mattress was completely soaked and very heavy, and the instant it hit me I thought I had fallen into an insidious trap or something, so I further injured myself by trying to struggle out from underneath it. Jed was making these freaky noises the moment I burst into his room, but the echo chamber effect of the bathroom and ventillation system, and the strange nature of the noises, made it difficult to determine where the hell they were coming from. Also, there were tons of boxes of hostess cupcakes and other similar products.

The carpets in his room were really rank. The previous water leak had made them dank with mold, and I can only imagine what the high fecal content of the air did. It was difficult to breathe, and nearly impossible to see, which really added to my panic. It was almost like I had been buried alive. The scrawlings on the wall, though I didn’t really get to see them in much detail because I was far more concerned with other things at the time, were just… creepy. Also, Jed’s tub struggling made the walls vibrate a bit. For a second or two I thought he had tunnelled under the apartment and I’d have to go into some kind of underground basement he’d made.

Edit: Scrawlings on the wall from what I saw consisted of nonsense latin words, tons of triangles within triangles within triangles trailing all over the place, and a few goatsatan faces made of triangles.

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