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About Wyse Guys Computers

Wyse Guys Mobile Computer Support was a company designed to help regular people just get their computers working. Nobody expects you to fix your car by yourself, (maybe you should, but its a moot point isn’t it) so why should you know all about how to fix your computer? If you are the kind of person who wants to check your email, maybe catch up with some news, or play an occasional game, don’t you deserve a machine that functions without crashes, that boots fast, and isn’t more trouble than fun? Of course you do! Wyse Guys was a company dedicated to bringing you that kind of PC. It didn’t matter what the heck was wrong, they would fix it up for you. Moreover, they would do so with a friendly smile, no patronizing double talk, and no high pressure to spend your hard earned dollars.

So you want to upgrade? Great! While computers are tools, they started off as toys and will always remain toys. Fiddle away if you like. However if you don’t know where to begin, then it was nice to have a company like Wyse Guys Computers help you out. Just show you things like how more memory is better than a new motherboard in certain instances. How a new CPU won’t be any good without a new video card, and which to buy and most important of all, why. There is no reason that you the computer using public should upgrade a part and spend money because a geek thinks you should. You are entitled to know exactly why you might want to. Armed with information you can make your own decisions. That was a goal of Wyse Guys Computers. To make you comfortable with your PC.

Don’t you deserve that kind of service? If you think so, demand it from your computer professional. Don’t let people who just like playing computer games spend your money. Don’t let greedy people with skills charge you an arm and a leg so that you can dial up the Internet. Demand good service. Pay a little more for those who make you happy. Tip the nice people with a nice smile and friendly word. Vote with your dollars. Don’t buy crappy products, and don’t pay for crappy service.

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