New site for pictures and videos

We have put up a new web page finally to display Ashley’s photos.  This new site has some neat tools like customizations you can use to fit your tastes.  Please notice the top bar on the page.  It will allow you to change the text size, widen the page or move the navigation to one side or the other.

![Screen shot of the personalization menu](/blog/images/www_wyseguys_com/blog/PersonalizationBar.png)

It is planned to move most of the content of the old site into this new format.  The plan is to make searching and even commenting a lot easier.

Another tool is the feed section located in the navigation menu bottom.  With the feed, you can click on it and subscribe.  Subscribing to a feed means you can be alerted when new content is published.  One then assumes you can parlay that into noting the date of the last post and harass us about it.  We aim to please anyway.

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