I updated the site a bit

There are still plenty of hidden links to things, and by hidden I mean they don’t exist

Cause remember kids, when you want to put on a good face, the least smart thing to do is put dirty jokes and nasty pictures on the Internet. Some people use these deals called Search Engines© that can find out stuff you didn’t want people to know.

The Internet is public. And it must be treated as so. I won’t have my super secret personal thoughts published for the world. That kind of stuff is best left crammed deep down inside.

Why right now, I don’ t have the foggiest who you might be. You could be a born again family member, perchance you are a potential employer. Please understand that hiding what I say and not posting wacky antics on a public facing Internet site are two different things. I am not pretending I don’t tell jokes, I would never lead you to believe I don’t think racy or off color things are entertaining. I just won’t tell you which ones exactly.

Like not putting a bumper sticker on my car doesn’t make me a target to those who disagree with me, not putting the dregs of the barrel online might save a virtual keying. Please let us not start on the topic of people who believe so deeply in their position they would set little bags of e-Dogdoo aflame on my iPorch.

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