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Frog Lake – Camping Style

We went to Frog Lake on Mt Hood for a surprise father’s day trip.  Mom and Ashley packed up everything for me and I didn’t have to lift a finger.  (Except starting a fire, putting up the tent, setting up two fishing poles even though I don’t want to fish, roasting my own hotdog and s’more, getting up and making a fire and coffee early in the morning, carry stuff to and from the fishing spot, and driving home)

IMG_20130615_145503.jpg IMG_20130615_150648.jpg IMG_20130615_150405.jpg IMG_20130615_150951.jpg IMG_20130615_160016.jpg IMG_20130615_155507.jpg IMG_20130615_160302.jpg IMG_20130615_163239.jpg IMG_20130615_163242.jpg IMG_20130615_163249.jpg IMG_20130615_164021.jpg IMG_20130615_172929.jpg IMG_20130615_195305.jpg IMG_20130615_195315.jpg IMG_20130616_075925.jpg IMG_20130616_080023.jpg

Look out zoo. Here they were.

Easter Zoo Egg Hunt





We took the girls to the zoo and followed up with a meal at Red Robin.  They were both really good for us that day and we had a pretty nice time looking at the animals.  The ones behind and in front of the cages.  (LOL)

Christmas at Athena 2011

Twas Christmas in Athena
And all through the hills
Not a creature was stirring
Except at the Walmart where I bought some pills

Dinner was Chinese
And served with big spoons
We ate all the fried rice
And went home kinda soon

Our family was sick
Sniffles in our head
Our bossy little daughter
Stayed up all night in her bed

The next morning was Christmas
Over at the house
We saw all the family
For dinner we had grouse (aka – roast beef)

We exchanged all our presents
Spoiled the kids and the dogs
Ashley got toys
And the uncles got iPods

So we went home
And found a dead bear
Revived her via Dr Ebay
And regrew her hair

And sorted out presents
And hauled it all upstairs
We will do it again next winter
And do it will great care.