Frog Lake – Camping Style

We went to Frog Lake on Mt Hood for a surprise father’s day trip.  Mom and Ashley packed up everything for me and I didn’t have to lift a finger.  (Except starting a fire, putting up the tent, setting up two fishing poles even though I don’t want to fish, roasting my own hotdog and s’more, getting up and making a fire and coffee early in the morning, carry stuff to and from the fishing spot, and driving home)

IMG_20130615_145503.jpg IMG_20130615_150648.jpg IMG_20130615_150405.jpg IMG_20130615_150951.jpg IMG_20130615_160016.jpg IMG_20130615_155507.jpg IMG_20130615_160302.jpg IMG_20130615_163239.jpg IMG_20130615_163242.jpg IMG_20130615_163249.jpg IMG_20130615_164021.jpg IMG_20130615_172929.jpg IMG_20130615_195305.jpg IMG_20130615_195315.jpg IMG_20130616_075925.jpg IMG_20130616_080023.jpg