Called Shot

So we go to this big resort thing that we got as a Wedding gift.  (More than a year later).  We had a lovely time but that is hardly the point.  What we did do was go outside for a walk on a little fitness trail they have surrounding the property.  Ashley did great.

As we got back around, the hotel has an enormous grassy area with fire pits, giant decorative rocks, games and other junk.  And it is right next to one of the holes of the golf course.

  1. Ashley finds a golf ball
  2. We say she can keep it
  3. She throws it here and there for fun
  4. She lines up to throw it at a giant rock
  5. Mary and I say, don’t do that, you might get hurt (I was more worried about me.  I can’t speak for Mary)
  6. Ashley throws anyway
  7. The golf ball flies 15 feet from Ashley to the rock
  8. The golf ball flies 14.5 feet from the rock to Ashley’s forehead
  9. Dad falls to the ground laughing

Snolquamish Lodge